Top quality Electric Hyalite Opal loose crystals from Zacatecas Mexico

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Description: Electric Hyalite Opal from Mexico

Photographed is a sample ten gram parcel.

$25 per opal is a great deal for somebody who is interested in owning an incredibly rare and amazing gem at a great price.

Part of keeping the price low involves less information than other listings, less photos and only an approximate dimension is given. These are all photographed in the most ideal lighting conditions to exhibit the color, partial shade around dusk or dawn. These will be significantly lighter or even colorless indoors and every shade in between through out the day. Under a black light they look like Kryptonite. The process is amazing to watch!

Great specimen of this new botryoidal Hyalite Opal. Same material as our faceted but such a perfect specimen I couldn’t bring myself to get it cut, as it is much more amazing left natural. Great natural luster and top color in daylight. A really special gem. An exciting new find of color changing opal. A rare opal from a very small deposit in Zacatecas, Mexico. The color change comes from this opal ability to fluoresce under natural daylight, one of the only minerals to do so. Unfortunately production only yielded about 10 kilos of gem quality material (including the host rock) with such exceptional color before running dry. Stability does not appear to be an issue with this opal, as is common with Hyalite opals. I’ve personally handled large amounts of this and have not seen one stone rough or finished crack or craze. I had a discussion with the miner and he has had the same experience.


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