Oregon opals from Opal Butte

Stunning visual color plays found in Oregon opals from Opal Butte. This opal is among the most beautiful on the market. Primarily they are contra luz which means it is one of the only gemstones in which the light coming from behind the gem is ideal. When held up to the sun the light breaks through the opal and is cast across the silica rich body and disperses the sunlight into a soft glow of rainbow colors and casts a play of color that's reminiscent of an underwater world. The best ones are flaked with more apparent plays of color that glitter through the stone as it is moved.

Here is just a few of our favorites we've had the honor to work with. This material is now very rare and the most special are almost all entirely in the hands of the collectors. Stay tuned as we have a few select pieces of rough left that should create absolute beauties.Faceted oregon opal from opal butteFaceted crystal opal from opal butteOpal from Opal Butte with Botryoidal formations looks like a galaxy
Opal butte opal from Oregon    
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