408 ct Exceptional Opal from Opal Butte, Morrow County, Oregon with Contra Luz rainbow

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I can't take credit for cutting this. The amazing Dale Hewitt, miner at Opal Butte when the mine was producing cut some of the exceptional pieces that came from the mine. His work is near flawless, as a lapidarist I marvel at how he was able to to get such a high polish on huge broad faces, and the polish between the opal and jasper is seamless. The difference between good and great are only slight but it is apparent in his work.

This is an absolutely beautiful landscape opal from Opal Butte, Morrow County, Oregon. Famous for the remarkable landscapes complimented by contra luz and what is called rainbow color plays. Contra luz color play means the light source needs to be coming from behind the gem to show off the color plays, which is opposite of most opal which is face up color play and needs the light source going directly into the face of the opal.

Rainbow color play is a unique form of color play that breaks the light coming into the stone into a haze of colors, most often blue but sometimes it covers the entire spectrum of the rainbow, and bends the light into prisms that shoot through the stone creating an otherworldly effect. It can be either face or or contra luz.

A note about photography. Opals are incredibly difficult to capture, Opal Butte material being by far the hardest to photograph that I have worked with. I have rarely taken time to photograph these because it is very, very time consuming. I take pride in the final result which shows the landscapes of jaspers, interesting inclusions and the light bending in the hazy color plays. Please keep in mind every lighting, indoor, outdoor and even time of day highlights different features of opal, these were all photographed in natural sunlight, I find direct light around dusk/dawn is my favorite. In hand of course they should look much more amazing than in the photo.

Weight: 408 ct

Size: 48x45x28 mm

Type: Opal from Opal Butte with jasper inclusion.

Shape: Free form facet

Color Play: Contra luz w/ rainbow

Comment: Exceptional, rare and unique specimen

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Materials: Opal

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