Inna Gem

Your Finest Source For Opals

Welcome to Innagem. In early 2008 a deposit in Welo, Ethiopia was found where one of the most amazing opals that the world has seen was uncovered. The beauty of this material rivals the finest opals found anywhere else in the world. These gems carry a diverse array of base colors, patterns, as well as almost consistently blindingly bright plays of colors. The find is a truly amazing gift that Inna Gem wants to be a part of distributing among the world.
If you have ANY questions I am more than happy to answer them. 
I enjoy working with my customers and getting these gems and minerals out into the world for jewelers and collectors alike. I want to make sure every transaction works out so you are happy with your new gem. 

 The Ethiopian Welo Opals offered here are the finest available. We pay the extra dollar to be able to offer the best and work with many miners and dealers in Ethiopia to insure that the finest opals are offered at the fairest price. We are fortunate enough have each opal hand picked direct from the source, Each one chosen for top plays of colors, incredible and unique patterns of the most desirable size range. We specialize in the rare and unusual, the most impressive and beautiful!